Thursday, September 14, 2017

To Add A Few Words...

   I hope you enjoyed the Summer Picture posts! I thought that pictures would be the best way to give you a glimpse into my summertime, without exhausting you and myself with words! :) But to add a few words about my summer I would say... 

   It went by way too fast, but doesn't it always!?  

   This spring we planted a smaller than normal garden, because we weren't feeling like super ambitious gardeners. So our harvest has been smaller, with less variety than "normal", but never-the-less a blessing! Our sweet corn patch did very well and we froze over 60 quarts, which will be enough for our family for the next year or two!

   I took a road trip to Indiana in July to attend WIT ALIVE, a conference for Christian singles. It was an amazing, refreshing experience and time away! I am so glad that I went. :)

   In case you are wondering if my life is "perfect" and "lovely" all the time... It's NOT! I know that pictures and the short captions that go with them can give a false impression... believe me I have been there and thought that, while looking at other girls' blogs; "Wow she has a perfect family, she is an amazing cook or she dresses with such class!" and *maybe*  it's true... but you know what is probably truer?? That they are real girls, with real lives, that are sometimes less than perfect, amazing and classy... And I want you to know that I am one of those real girls, ...sometimes I eat boring food, on a plainly set table with miss-matched dishes, sometimes I don't get along with my sister, (even when we are on a "fun" trip, where we had a "good" time), sometimes I am not patient and kind with my words... sometimes I feel discouraged about things in my life. But I didn't start this blog to air my dirty laundry and vent my frustrations... I started this blog to proclaim God's goodness, God's daily graces! The pictures that I post are but beautiful nano moments, frozen in time. I take pictures and share them here, not because my whole life looks like that, but because I am crazy for beauty, order and simplicity, crazy to see through the lens of God's goodness! So I hope you enjoy the pictures I share, just remember that a real, less than perfect girl is behind them and this blog! :)

   Now that we have taken a look back, in my next post, we will look ahead, as I share with you my hopes and plans for what's in-store here on The Riches of His Goodness in the coming weeks and months!

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